On visuals, changing lanes, and being in the hot seat


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WHAT if we switched to a four day work week?

Whether you agree with a four day week or not isn’t really the issue. The question is whether it makes continued sense to contract jobs through the lens of a five day week. Indeed, the more our jobs require us to be collaborative and creative, the less is makes sense to pay attention to hours at all.

The Rise of The Four Day Work Week | Paul Taylor (Text at Paul Taylor’s Blog)

WHO is in the hot seat?

And you’re in it. Once you take the posture, once you commit to helping people change, to take them on a journey from here to there, from the ‘as-is’ to the ‘to-be’, then you’re in the hot seat. In the hot seat to lead. In the hot seat for what the journey ahead brings.

But your approach is the hot seat | Joe Newbert (Text at Newbert’s Blog)

WHERE can visuals help my message get across?

MIT researchers say the human brain can process images seen for just 13 milliseconds. Combining pictures with text and audio makes the information easier to understand and remember. But just using visuals won’t work. To successfully connect with an audience, you need to know who they are and what they want.

Look This Way: 9 Visual Content Options to Consider | Alina Valyaeva (Text at Content management Institute)

WHEN are we going to call it a day?

Just about every business, every initiative and every intervention fails sooner or later. Since that’s demonstrably true, it’s worth considering how you intend to fail when the time comes. You can pull out every stop, fight every step of the way. Or, perhaps, you can quit in a huff at the first feeling of frustration.

Ending it gracefully | Seth Godin (Text at Seth’s Blog)

WHY did I get into business analysis?

I am often asked ”You have been working as a project manager for many years. How did you get into business analysis and why?” or ”Do you still like project management?” or ”Why did you decide to change your profession?”

As a BA who was a PM, I want to tell the story of my transformation | Kate Vodolazkina (Text at Analyst’s Corner)

HOW does my stakeholder want to be engaged?

Every change programme relies on the collaboration and buy-in of a range of different stakeholders.  From the people on the front line who are directly impacted by the change to the senior executive who is commissioning the initiative, different stakeholders will typically have very different fears, wants and aspirations. 

Knowing our stakeholders’ communication preferences | Adrian Reed (Text at CMC)

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P.S. What hot seat are you in?