On value, rainy projects, and the business analysis hierarchy of needs


Here’s your What? Who? Where? When? Why? How? for the week.

WHAT is the business analysis hierarchy of needs ?

At any given time only one thing can be the most important—only one item can be top-priority. Yet if we don’t know what that is, we might be focusing on the wrong thing at the wrong time. Or, addressing the right thing at the wrong point, as solid solutions are only so on strong foundations.

The Business Analysis Hierarchy Of Needs | Joe Newbert (Text at BA Times)

WHO is getting value from my documentation?

Business analysts create plenty of documentation that guides the design, implementation and maintenance of a system. Each party that needs the information must easily find what they’re looking for, and after reading it to gain specific knowledge and understanding of the content.

Tips for Creating Value Adding Business Analysis Documentation | Giorgos Sioutzos (Text at Modern Analyst)

WHERE should I focus my analysis on?

The business analyst shares a tremendous amount of information for many stakeholders with differing perspectives. Having an established structure and precisely defined concepts allows you to make sense of the task at hand and accurately assess the necessary resources, skills, and actions.

Business Analysis Core Concept Model | Jerry Nicholas (Text at Business Analyst Mentor)

WHEN do I step into product management?

If product management is something you’re interested in, business analysis is a great place to start from. You already have extensive experience working with stakeholders across your enterprise to develop a shared vision for a solution, translating their needs into requirements, and working to implement them.

Should Business Analysts Become Product Managers? | Kevin Brennan (Text at BA Times)

WHY are non-functional requirements magical?

Missing, or poorly defined, non-functional requirements can result in the most expensive and difficult changes required on any software development project. We, as professionals, need to make sure they are not omitted and are included during the concept/initiation phases of any project.

Why non-functional requirements could be magical on your project and should not be overlooked | Maria Montgomery (Text at Medium)

HOW can I maintain my stakeholders well-being?

When working on projects, there is often a focus on those that will be affected by the change. Thought will, quite rightly, be put into engagement and communication planning, alongside robust stakeholder analysis, however, there is another important angle that is too often overlooked.

Sunshine on a rainy project | Adrian Reed (Text at CMC)

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