On trends, action lists, and upping your BA brand


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WHAT is up next for business analysis?

Despite the ongoing COVID challenges in the world, 2021 will be a year of transition in many organizations. Some organizations have needed to fundamentally rethink their very existence, others are thriving, and most are pivoting in one or more ways as they enter the new year.

6 Trends Impacting Business Analysis to Watch in 2021 | Delvin Fletcher (Text at Modern Analyst)

WHO is steering your business analysis career?

Consider for a moment a business. It has a mission, objectives, strategy and tactics–articulated in a plan to get from a to b, to achieve its goals. And what I want you to consider is whether this should be any different to how you run yourself? My answer is “No.”

21 Tips For Upping Your BA Brand | Joe Newbert (Video at Blackmetric YouTube Channel)

WHERE can I improve my elicitation game?

A business analyst extracts information in various forms, from various sources, and transforms those findings into requirements and design artifacts. Let’s take a look at some of the common challenges during the elicitation process and how to address them.

How to overcome the common elicitation challenges a Business Analyst faces | Swati Pitre (Text at Analysts Corner)

WHEN is a risk worth taking or not?

Recognise that risk is a part of what makes ventures valuable in the first place and start balancing your bets. Small, obvious and incremental things matter, but that’s not enough. Realize you must also reserve capacity to bet on product and service innovations that are inherently risky and are even likely to fail.

Take risks and maybe fail, or avoid risks and definitely fail | Craig Brown (Text at Better Projects)

WHY do I need to model data?

Talking to some younger BA colleagues recently, it came as something of a surprise that they didn’t know what an Entity Relationship Diagram was. While people may associate them with the detail of database design I’ve mainly used them in business contexts, where they’ve been equally useful in various ways.

An Entity Relationship Diagram Isn’t Just For Database Design | Colin Savage (Text at BA Times)

HOW should I announce my project initiatives?

There’s pressure and a high OpTempo (Operational Tempo) in almost every organization we work with. But you don’t have to rush your ideas into production. Speed is good, but so are communication, and alignment, and smarter choices.

Zero Week | Michael Auzenne and Mark Horstman (Audio at Manager Tools)

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P.S. Where do you need to improve your business analyst brand?