On smorgasbord, delivering excellence, and accepting you have permission


Happy 5W-1h Sunday.

Here’s your dose of What? Who? Where? When? Why? How?, a curation of articles, podcasts and videos that piqued my curiosity this week.


WHAT will it take to succeed as an agile business analyst?

To be successful as a Business Analyst in an Agile environment, you need to apply your same traditional skills and techniques differently.  Kent McDonald characterizes an Agile Business Analyst as those who take on the perspective of product people having the five characteristics below.

How To Be an Agile Business Analyst | Dave Saboe and Kent McDonald (Audio at Mastering Business Analysis)

WHO will give me permission?

You have the permission to change your story. You can live a different one, one that’s shaped around the stakeholders you seek to serve. You have the permission to change how you spend your time. You can let go of the documentation and find the guts to do thinking work instead.

You have permission | Joe Newbert (Text at Newbert’s Blog)

WHERE can I make shifts to build my reputation?

Ever had those times when you knew you were performing at your highest level and you just weren’t connecting with the project client? It is not easy, giving 100% to those who don’t seem to like you or don’t seem to appreciate the effort.

Delivering Excellence Even When You Dislike The Client | Brad Egeland (Text at BA Times)

WHEN can I behave like a business analyst warrior?

As a BA do you see yourself as an independent consultant or a full-time employee? (You can be the former whilst being the latter in a mindset sense). In Samurai Japan a warrior could be a member of a family clan, either through birth or by alliance and his overarching duty was to serve the clan interest.

The Samurai Smorgasbord | David Beckham (Text at The Samurai Business Analyst)

WHY are we talking passed each other?

When it comes to Business Analysis, there are many challenges around definitions. The project Glossary should contain all key business terms. It is such a straight forward thing but we may assume those things. We may put a little less emphasis on creating a rich project Glossary. 

Overcoming Common Business Analysis Challenges Related to Glossaries | Swati Pitre (Text at Modern Analyst)

HOW can I increase my stakeholders virtual interaction?

If like me you have been working from home for the last 12 months you may have found there are challenges to running workshops as it can seem more difficult than if everyone is in a room together.  However, I have found that the following tools have made it so much easier.

5 Recommended Tools for Running Virtual Workshops | Helen Winter (Text at Business Bullet)

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