On rituals, breakout rooms, and why the system isn’t working


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WHAT part of the system isn’t working?

“System” is a special word. Probably the most overused and abused word in our business lexicon. Bandied about, in multiple contexts, the word itself doesn’t tell us much. “The system’s down”, they say. So what’s the problem? Is the hardware or the input device broken? Or is the network offline? Is bandwidth usage heavy?

The system’s down | Joe Newbert (Text at Newbert’s Blog)

WHO am I trying to teach?

“You teach best what you most need to learn”. I love this quote by Richard Bach and firmly believe in it. It is the teacher or trainer who needs to keep himself or herself updated and learning so that one can give back the best. As BABOK® also has identified, a business analyst needs to have and develop teaching skills as well.

Teaching and Training: Common Challenges Faced By a Business Analyst | Swati Pitre (Text at Modern Analyst)

WHERE will a breakout room help reinvigorate my meeting?

Having gone to many meetings, I can definitely say that I sometimes get overwhelmed. While I enjoy the content being discussed, I can feel tired and wish for a break to decompress before throwing my mind back into absorbing the information.

What Is a Breakout Session? [+ How To Plan Your Own] | Flori Needle (Text at HubSpot)

WHEN is a problem, a project?

One of the things that I’ve seen over the years is a lot of incomplete projects lists, and I think some of it is because we have a tendency to have a narrow view about what a project is. And Years ago David Allen said, “Hey folks you don’t have problems, you have projects”.

Episode #100: Problems or Projects? | Meg Edwards (Audio at Getting Things Done)

WHY should I invest in my home office rig?

For a year, we slogged through it, but it was exhausting. Not only did we feel lousy at the end of the day, but other people rarely saw us at our best. Now that it’s clear that the nature of work and meetings has changed forever, perhaps this is a good moment to embrace what’s possible.

Fixing Zoom calls: Looking better and feeling better | Set Godin (Text at Seth’s Blog)

HOW can I change the future?

Unimaginative leaders repeat the past. Creative leaders change the future. Creative leaders are better problem solvers. “Daily rituals are the polar opposite of magnificent performance. They aren’t your moment of glory, but rather they’re the unglamorous tasks you do in order to win the prize in the first place.”

A Five-Minute Creativity Workout That Helps You Change The Future | Dan Rockwell (Video at Leadership Freak)

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P.S. What does your home office rig look like?