On procrastination, making mistakes, and when you will get to do the work


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WHAT can I do about procrastination?

We all have the potential to achieve amazing things – not only with our blogging but also with other aspects of our lives. Unfortunately, we often put off doing the things we should be doing until the last minute. And sometimes we put it off for so long that we never get the chance to do it ever again.

How to Overcome Procrastination | Darren Rowse (Text at ProBlogger)

WHO am I looking to be?

Great business analysts (BAs) arise from diverse backgrounds of education and work experience. Consequently, they’re likely to have some gaps in their knowledge and skillsets that will present challenges as they pursue requirements development for a new software system.

The Making of a Business Analyst | Karl Wiegers (Text at Medium)

WHERE am I making a mistake in my process model?

Despite significant investments of time and well-intended stakeholder effort, many business process models still end up being not very useful for their intended purposes. Too many do not reflect the business accurately enough to be useful or do not have sufficient key stakeholders’ buy-in for real decision making.

Top 6 Business Process Modeling Mistakes | Edmund Matera (Text at Modern Analyst)

WHEN will I get to do the work?

Debra Paul has written half a dozen wonderful books that humanise the too-often industrialised craft of business analysis. In Business Analysis, she makes it clear that if were merely trying to define the IT elements, we’re doomed to a lifecycle of looking in the rear-view mirror. 

When you know what you stand for, you get to do the work | Joe Newbert (Text at Newbert’s Blog)

WHY don’t we have a return to work programme?

LinkedIn recently took steps to make it easier for people who take extended career breaks to better represent that time on their profiles. This is one step on normalizing such breaks. But companies can do more — and one step they should consider is better promotion and categorization of return-to-work programs.

Companies Should Do More to Normalize Career Breaks | Carol Fishman Cohen (Text at Harvard Business Review)

HOW can I get more out of attending a virtual event?

It’s been a year of virtual everything – meetings, conferences, meet-ups, even parties.  And while we are all exhausted with the idea of attending yet one more virtual “something”, it’s not going away any time soon.  More than that, there are even some real advantages to attending events virtually.

Getting the Most from a Virtual Event | Stasi Richmond (Text at Techwell)

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