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What is business analysis?

This is the perfect question to kick-off #5W1H. And chances are being a subscriber you’re already somewhat deep, but take your geek hat off for a moment and consider this different perspective.

Why aren’t some things getting done?

The answer lies in the opacity of the roles that product people play. There are three usual suspects who under-step or overstep their bounds: product management, product ownership and business analysis, for which Kent McDonald brings clarity.

When does the BA Summit 2020 call for papers open?

The call for papers to speak at BA Summit Southern Africa has opened. You have ideas worth hearing, share them at BA Summit 2020. Submissions close at 23:59 SAST on the 21st of July 2020.

Where is the business analyst headed?

Kevin Brennan’s been thinking heavily on this one. And his answer is BizOps—a business operations role that blends together business analysis, project management, and change management methods into a cohesive whole, to solve problems that nobody in the business has any idea how to solve.

Who has the matches?

You’ll have been caught in a fire-fighting situation, where everything is considered important/urgent and all energy is focused on keeping the lights on. Adrian Reed discloses some old habits and uses comfort eating as an analogy to explain why with doom loops the simple solution is rarely so simple.

How can I manage my personal knowledge base?

Over the years you have collected a hard drive library full of useful stuff, but it’s in a state of disarray. You struggle to find where you saved things and have probably forgotten most of what’s in there. This solution is simple: here’s how Paul Benn efficiently manages his knowledge base with a user-friendly tag system in Evernote and a connector to Google Drive.

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