On music, creative time, and crossing your fingers

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WHO am I failing to mobilise?

The old-school business analyst’s dream revolves around creating a product, this straightforward, logical, “meets needs” product or service … the one that solves the business problem, exploits the business opportunity. Functionalise it into being a success.

“And then we cross our fingers” | Joe Newbert (Text at Newbert’s Blog)

WHAT should I listen to while I work?

Does what you listen to affect your ability to generate ideas and be productive? According to today’s guest, the soundtrack you choose can impact your creativity significantly. In this conversation, we discuss how different personality types perform better when utilizing different sonic environments. 

How Music Affects Your Creativity (with Will Henshall) | Todd Henry (Audio at Accidental Creative)

WHY should I learn to negotiate?

It’s tempting to think of negotiation only in terms of price, but the term represents many possibilities beyond money. For example, if you’re struggling to negotiate your desired salary, you can negotiate the job benefits, the scope of work required, hours, or remote-work options.

8 Powerful Negotiation Tactics | Neil Patel (Text at Neil Patel)

WHERE can I find more satisfaction in my job?

By carefully considering the relationships we enjoy and want to invest in, by tailoring our approach to suit both the situation and our preferences, and by framing the contribution we make to our organizations and society, we can all be happier, healthier, and more effective business analysts.

Job Crafting For BAs | Christina Lovelock (Text at BA Times)

WHEN can I carve out creative time?

If you’re a one-person show, working smart is crucial. Setting up automations and optimizing processes is … not sexy. It’s hard work. When I put together a Standard Operating Procedure document, for example, I have to practically nail myself to my seat just to get through it.

14 Easy Ways to Carve Out Creative Time for Your Business | Pamela Wilson (Text at Copyblogger)

HOW we can improve our profession with more reliance on objective evidence, and less on personal opinions ?

Try this. Open your personal feed on LinkedIn and find the first post that makes claims about Agile or Scrum. You can also check the most recent article on your favorite Agile blog, podcast, or YouTube channel. Now check if the person making the claim also backs it up with evidence that is not based on personal experience, personal preferences, or their own interests.

Why Doesn’t The Agile Community Practice Empiricism? | Christiaan Verwijs (Text at The Liberators)

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P.S. How do you mobilise your stakeholders?