On interrupting, skilling up, and why no one is excited to call a business analyst


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WHAT does the product life-cycle look like?

Knowing about the Product Life Cycle model is almost mandatory. The model describes the stages a product goes through in its journey from creation to discontinuation. Why do you need to know this? Because products in different stages demand different strategies, be that for physical products or for services.

Product Life Cycle: What It Is, the 5 Stages, & Examples | Neil Patel (Text at Neil Patel)

WHO can I seek to serve better?

We may all find ourselves one day asking, “How can I advance around here?”. The answer may not be what you think. Sometimes, advancement comes in the form of a higher rung on the career ladder, a shiny new title, or a bold increase in pay. Some of us might even crave [shudder] more responsibility.

Building Personal Value In The Workplace | James Schiltz (Text at BA Times)

WHERE do I need to be skilling up?

Some organizations aren’t strong enough to ride the waves. Others, however, are, and the reason for their strength is that they’re not navigating the murky waters alone – they’re supported by an ambitious, results-driven business analyst.

10 Skills Every Business Analyst Needs To Succeed | Anita Sambol (Text at Modern Analyst)

WHEN can I get a word in?

Now that we’ve (for the most part) solved the technical challenges of finding the “mute” button and learning how to share our slides (but not our desktops), we are confronted with the more adaptive challenge of leading an effective and efficient virtual meeting.

Stop Talking Over Each Other in Virtual Meetings | Allison Shapira (Text at Harvard Business Review)

WHY aren’t my stakeholders excited to see me?

Despite what the analyst wishes, this isn’t often a sought-after interaction. They’re anxious. A little bit fearful. Yet also quietly relieved. And keen to get things done already. But worried about changing. Stressed about the cost. Thinking about opportunity lost or gained. Concerned about what happens next.

No one is excited to call a business analyst | Joe Newbert (Text at Newbert’s Blog)

HOW can I get more done, in the same amount of time?

Overcommitment is sprinting into oblivion with your hair on fire. Self-management is less about getting stuff done and more about your relationship with time. You can’t enjoy leading with a gaggle of tasks honking for attention. Relief is the fullest expression of joy for overcommitted leaders.

How to manage your schedule when your hair is on fire | Dan Rockwell (Text at Leadership Freak)

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