On hippos, commute time, and differentiating factors


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WHAT attributes are you selling?

The IIBA endorsed business analysis training company, for example, needs to begin not by merely saying “We’re IIBA endorsed,” because as we all know, there are other companies just as endorsed. Moreover, “We’re good at training” and “We’ve been around since 1989” are hardly attributes worth talking about.

Attributes worth talking about | Joe Newbert (Text at Newbert’s Blog)

WHO makes their opinion weigh considerably more than others?

Data is your best friend to avoid making decisions without foundation or reflection. But your instincts also have value, since after all, in most cases you don’t get to be a HiPPO just by chance. Knowing when to listen to data and when to follow your gut is a winning combination of art and science.

Taming the HiPPO | Alonso Alvarez (Text at Netmind)

WHERE did my commute time go?

The Covid pandemic forced most workers to stop their daily commute to and from work. So what have they done with that “extra” time? It depends. Independent employees with no managerial responsibility have largely been able to spend more time on personal pursuits, but managers have just ended up working more.

Where Did the Commute Time Go? | Andrew Kun, Raffaella Sadun, Orit Shaer, and Thomaz Teodorovicz (Text at HBR)

WHEN can I find space to hack my habits?

The anxiety and uncertainty of the pandemic tends to make me more rigid. I cling to my routines and my to-do list, because they give me a feeling of control. But for many people, the pandemic period has made it tougher to stick to their good habits. If that’s your experience, here are some quick, easy suggestions to consider.

How Some Simple Changes in Habits Can Help You Through This Tough Time | Gretchen Ruben (Text at Gretchen Ruben’s Blog)

WHY is that stakeholder obstructing things?

Defining and implementing change is an inherently human endeavour, and working closely with stakeholders is a crucial part of the BA role.  Different stakeholders will, quite naturally, have different perspectives on the various situations that we find ourselves trying to change and improve. 

Cartoon Villain Or Just Misunderstood? | Adrian Reed (Text at Adrian Reed’s Blog)

HOW much benefit have I delivered?

Business Analysts save their companies money, in big and small ways, every day. Is your organization aware of the savings your Business Analysts (BAs) have provided? Few BAs brag about their successes, most are toiling away inside departments and projects, without a direct line of communications to their executives.

How Much Money Have Business Analysts Saved You This Year? | Barbara Carkenord and Heather Mylan-Mains (Text at Modern Analyst)

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