On healthspan, missing milestones, and unravelling what stakeholders need


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WHAT is a user story?

Taken in the context of a lean or agile software development philosophy, the user story paradigm not only identifies the important questions, is also moves the timing for getting the answers to the last responsible moment when they are most likely to be correct.

What is a User Story? The Card, the Conversation, and the Criteria explained | Tom and Angela Hathaway (Video at BA Experts)

WHO has a new problem for us to solve?

Many organisations act as inhibitors of innovation. Rules and protocols are put in place, often for very good reasons, that preserve the status quo.  Over time, organisations develop a set of social norms – ‘the way we do things around here’ – that can quell any creativity or dissent.

How To Kill Ideas (Part 53) | Paul Taylor (Text at Paul Taylor’s Blog)

WHERE can I improve my healthspan?

In the last 200 years or so, the human lifespan has essentially doubled. That’s an amazing achievement. Living longer, healthier lives means we’ll need to work longer. We’ll have multistage careers. And we’ll need to make meaning and purpose our guide to even want to keep going.

Extend Your Healthspan to Keep Going | Brian Clark (Text at Further)

WHEN is my stakeholder communicating a want instead of a need?

There are three popular misunderstandings that many of us get knotted. The first is that stakeholders are implicitly aware of their wants (which they mistake for needs, we’ll get onto that in a moment) but they are quite awful at communicating them.

Unravelling what stakeholders need | Joe Newbert (Text at Newbert’s Blog)

WHY is my schedule out of control?

The vulgarity of busyness destroys effectiveness. Life is a burning ant hill in many organizations. But crazy schedules reflect people, not time management skills. Life is manageable only when you manage your calendar.

The Secret to Managing Your Schedule isn’t about Your Calendar | Dan Rockwell (Text at Leadership Freak)

HOW do I tell them the milestone’s g0ing to be missed?

Projects are always on the frontier, combining elements and ideas and effort to do something that’s not been done before, not quite the way we’re doing it here and now. And so, bold projects sometimes fail to make their deadline. Even if we build systems and use buffers, sometimes it doesn’t work.

How to miss a deadline | Seth Godin (Text at Seth’s Blog)

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