On generosity, the BABOK, and celebrating project wins


Here’s your What? Who? Where? When? Why? How? for the week.

WHAT should I do during my project lulls?

A lull between assignments or a dip in your weekly hours can be a chance to recalibrate. Many senior leaders jump at the chance to re-organize their commitments, ponder longer-term initiatives, or relax. But not everyone sees this opportunity; for some, a lull can be debilitating. 

You’re Between Assignments at Work. What Do You Do? | Anne Sugar (Text at HBR)

WHO do you have in your implementation training room?

“You teach best what you most need to learn”. I love this quote by Richard Bach and firmly believe in it. It is the teacher or trainer who needs to keep himself or herself updated and learning so that one can give back the best. As BABOK® also has identified, a business analyst needs to have and develop teaching skills as well.

Teaching and Training: Common Challenges Faced By A Business Analyst | Swati Pitre (Text at LinkedIn)

WHERE can the BABOK be improved?

On page one of the IIBA BABOK® Guide, the first sentence under the heading ‘Purpose’ is the phrase “… commonly accepted practices.” I have great admiration for the people involved in the guide’s production and publication. They did an excellent job on 499 of its 500 pages. But…

What’s in a BABOK Name? | Dan Tasker (Text at Modern Analyst)

WHEN should I use which use case template?

During Business Analysis Planning it is important to identify the appropriate use case format for the project needs.  At the high end we have a multi-page highly regulated requirements template. The base model is a single actor and basic flow.  Between these is the textbook version with complex flows.

What Use Case To Use? | Jenny Quillian (Text at BA Times)

WHY does the project exist?

And then big business pushed it further, challenging business analysts to optimise the competition into a corner while working to post the big numbers for their shareholders. This is all fine, but the race to the bottom doesn’t hold up over time, not in our hyper-competitive world.

Inclusive and generous | Joe Newbert (Text at Newbert’s Blog)

HOW can I recognise team wins virtually?

We continue discovering ways that the pandemic is upending customs, practices, and norms. Everyone is compensating as best they can, but some aspects of project life are particularly difficult with remote teams and social distancing. Celebrating milestone achievement is necessary and hard in our current circumstances.

Pandemic Challenge 205 of 7,923: Recognizing Project Milestones | Payson Hall (Text at Techwell)

Until next Sunday, keep growing,

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P.S. How do you spend your time between projects?