On defaulting, micro-planning, and why planes are painted white


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WHAT do I really want to do with my life?

Micro-planning is simple. It takes a larger vision and breaks it down into yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly, and daily check-in practices to plan and adjust as necessary. We get some of the same stabilizing effects that a five-year plan may have given us but with shorter chunks of planning.

How to Plan Your Life When the Future Is Foggy at Best | Kate Northrup (Text at Harvard Business Review)

WHO is going to get what delivered when?

Sometimes customers don’t like to prioritize requirements. They’re afraid they won’t ever get the ones that are low priority. Maybe they won’t. But if you can’t deliver everything, make sure you do deliver those capabilities that are most important to achieving your business objectives.

Five Requirements Prioritization Methods | Karl Wiegers (Text at BA Times)

WHERE should we choose to spend our story time?

My favourite definitions of strategy are the simplest I’ve found. The one I use most is this: a strategy is what we choose to do. Our choices are guided by research and explained by a rationale, but in the end, the strategy can be described by how we allocate our resources to achieve a set of goals. 

Priority Starts at the Top | Daniel Zacarias (Text at Folding Burritos)

WHEN could I be doing things differently?

Default Mode Network is about having a restful mode of mind. It is what our brain is doing when it is not involved in a particular (focused) task. It is also about the tendency of human beings to operate in the same automatic/stuck patterns. Such patterns in turn lead to a repeated set of thoughts, behaviors and actions.

Adaptability and creativity in Business Analysis | Swati Pitre (Text at Analyst’s Corner)

WHY are planes painted white?

Planes painted white are more efficient than planes painted in a dark colour. Because light paint is literally lighter and the pigments in dark paint can add the equivalent weight of eight passengers. Airlines care about efficiencies, and passengers probably don’t care what colour the plane is.

Some talk about efficiencies | Joe Newbert (Text at Newbert’s Blog)

HOW can I create a shared understanding around a common purpose?

It is drilled into us how important a shared vision and/or goal is when coordinating a team of individuals to implement and sustain business change. Cascading visions and objectives can be a great way to align work across an organisation, ensuring the goals and objectives contribute to the organisation vision. 

Rising To The Challenge | Anna Rajander (Text at BA Times)

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P.S. Did you choose your career or did it choose you?