On decisions, setting priorities, and approving a million pounds


Here’s your What? Who? Where? When? Why? How? for the week.

WHAT do successful people know?

The typical approach of many companies will be far too slow to keep up. Postponing decisions to wait for more information might make sense during more normal times, but post-normal , surrounded by imperfect and conflicting information, waiting to decide is a decision in itself.

How To Make Decisions In A World Of Uncertainty When Not Knowing Or Being Sure Of Anything Is The Only Answer We Have | Paul Taylor (Text at Paul Taylor Blog)

WHO is your customer?

Hands up if you spend your days listening to ideas that sound more like solutions looking for a problem and people jumping to the answer before really listening to the question or understanding the aspects of the problem.

Do you have a solution looking for a problem? | What Ever Next (Text at What Ever Next Blog)

WHERE can I show more empathy?

Consider the plight of a business analyst. They’re trying to push through a million-pound business case to implement a new digital platform. Every time they’re meeting with an executive or a sponsor and an objection is raised, they say to themselves, “You’re right, that’s a lot of money.

A million-pound no-brainer | Joe Newbert (Text at Newbert’s Blog)

WHEN should we prioritise this for?

People often prioritise using their gut feel, or by ‘the executive said so’, or by the squeakiest wheel wins, or (my favourite) everything is high priority. What’s wrong with this? If the priorities are wrong, opportunity costs can be large since we are spending time on things that don’t yield value.

Get It Right with These 7 Prioritization Techniques + Stakeholder Voting Template | Ali Cox (Text at Netmind)

WHY do they do what they do?

A persona is a set of characteristics that defines a person or an aspect of a person. Think Financial CEO. Environmental activist. Dog-lover. Personas have a limitless range and people can have multiple personas.  Your persona when you’re at work, for example, may be completely different than at home.

Growing your Customer Base with Persona Flows | Bchoy (Text at Seilevel)

HOW can I set a realistic timeline?

As a business analyst, you’re adept at helping companies refine existing business processes or improve those they already follow. But to truly help the company you serve, you’ll need to ensure that your ideas are implemented. Enter the world of work process timelines.

How to Set Realistic Timelines and Track the Value of New Processes | Paul Crosby (Test at The Uncommon League)

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