On scorecards, better requirements, and who a business analyst is


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WHAT should the business be focusing on?

Companies are increasingly aware that their customers and society in general expect businesess to adopt and work towards social and environmental objectives as well as the traditional financial ones. This involves not only re-evaluating firms’ models but re-imagining new, more inclusive ecosystems from a multi-stakeholder point of view.

Reimagining the Balanced Scorecard for the ESG Era | Robert S. Kaplan and David McMillan (Text at Harvard Business Review)

WHO do I want to be?

Business analysts help organisations to seize their opportunities and mitigate their threats; they use business analysis to solve stakeholders problems. They have the empathy to understand that those they seek to serve don’t need what they want, want what they need and don’t care about how they get it. They probably never will.

I Am Business Analyst: an executive summary | Joe Newbert (Text at Newbert’s Blog)

WHERE should the Project Manager spend their time helping the BA?

Consider the situation where you are the business analyst who is planning project work according to the BABOK guidelines. The project manager wants to plan their time spent on business analysis activities. You produce a report of the BABOK that shows tasks that the project manager is expected to contribute to.

An Object-Oriented Analysis Of The BABOK | Leslie Munday (Text at Modern Analyst)

WHEN will my investment in requirements pay-off?

Not every manager is convinced that his team needs to do a better job on requirements development and management or that such an investment will pay off. Numerous industry studies, however, indicate that requirements issues are a pervasive cause of project distress.

The Business Value of Better Requirements | Karl Wiegers (Text at Modern Analyst)

WHY do I sometimes hold back my valuable contributions ?

Obviously no one says exactly what they are thinking all of the time, but why do we hold back what we believe to be valuable contributions? In the world of remote working, it is important to understand this issue and BAs need to be aware of self-censoring from two perspectives.

Why Do We Self-Censor? | Christina Lovelock (Text at BA Times)

HOW can I get my point across in the little time I have?

Developing and delivering a five-minute presentation seems an easy enough task at first — until you realize the condensed format actually requires significantly more efficiency, focus, and attention to detail than longer presentation types.

How to Create a Killer 5-Minute Presentation | Caroline Forsey (Text at HubSpot)

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