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About Joe Newbert

25 years of projects

Joe Newbert is a consultant, a writer, a speaker and above all a teacher.

As Chief Training Officer at Business Change Academy, Joe spends most of his time helping people to grow their skills, bring meaningful change and achieve their career goals. As well as working with organisations to reap the benefits of good practices in business analysis and change.

A seasoned conference speaker both locally and internationally, Joe is the founder of the popular Inter-View.Report industry publication. In addition, he co-authored the IIBA® Business Analysis Competency Model as well as currently serving as Non-Executive Director on the IIBA-SA Strategy Board.

His other community contributions include founding the acclaimed Inter-View.Report, innovating the Sketchnalysis consulting tool-set, and, incubating Pragnalysis – the online platform providing practical real-world resources that enable pragmatic analysis.

Notable Talks

Conferences and Workshops

  • BA Summit South Africa 2019, Keynote - This Next Shift for Business Analysis
  • IIBA-SA Professional Development Day, 2019, Cape Town - Build Your Business Analyst Career the Smarter Way
  • DAMA SA, Chapter Meeting, 2019, Cape Town - Requirements Elicitation Techniques for Data Gathering
  • PMI® MENA Conference 2018, Kuwait City & Bahrain, Keynote - Busting Project Manager and Business Analyst Silo Mentality
  • BA Summit South Africa 2018, Johannesburg - Hitchhikers Guide to Strategic Business Analysis
  • PM Summit South Africa, 2017, Johannesburg - Unfinished Symphony Of Business Analysis And Project Management
  • PMI® Business Analysis Virtual Conference 2017 - Beyond Stakeholder Analysis And Management
  • BA Summit South Africa 2017 - Everybody’s Free (To Gear Up)
  • BA Summit South Africa 2016 - It’s Time For Business Analysts To Come Of Age
  • Business Analysis The Next Shift, 2015, Zimbabwe - The Fundamentals of Business Analysis
  • BA Summit South Africa 2015 - Your Business Analyst Brand Innovated
  • IIBA-SA, Chapter Meeting, 2013, Cape Town - Planning Your Business Analyst Happiness Project
  • BA Summit South Africa 2013, Keynote - The Art of War for Business Change
  • IIBA-SA, Chapter Meeting, 2013, Cape Town - Steps To Business Analysis Competency Success
  • IIBA-SA, Chapter Meeting, 2012, Johannesburg - Find Your Business Analysis Mojo
  • BA Summit South Africa 2012 - Build Your Business Analyst Blueprint
  • IIBA-SA, Chapter Meeting, 2011, Cape Town - Building Blocks For Business Analysis Competency
  • BA Summit South Africa 2010 - The Art Of War For Business Analysis
  • Tester SIG, 2009, Cape Town - Business Analysis feeds Test Analysis

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25 years of projects

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